The revolutionary, award-winning Bora Extraction system has transformed the science of extraction and freed kitchen design from layout and utliity constraints. Bora systems are space saving, quiet and superbly efficient at dealing with vapours and odours generated in the cooking process.

Bora 6

Clear view

The unique BORA extraction system removes the need for extractor hoods and their associated obstructions, edges and corners. This is particularly helpful in open-plan kitchens.

Bora 5


Significantly quieter than conventional extractors. The BORA extractor creates less noise than a steak being grilled, and its integrated sound absorber muffles noise even further.

Bora 3

Design freedom

By removing the need for extractor hoods and ceiling ducting you are free to design your kitchen exactly the way you want it.

Bora 4

Effective & energy saving

With conventional extractors, vapours and odours have to travel long distances before they are intercepted. The BORA system’s flow speed and innovative motor technology suctions away vapour and smells at source.

Bora 2

Exceptional quality

High-quality materials ensure excellent functionality and a long service life. All metallic parts of BORA extractors are made from pure stainless steel and the HiLight and induction hobs are made of glass ceramic material, which is free from heavy metals.

Bora 1

Easy cleaning

To ensure your BORA extractor is super clean. all moving parts are easily dismantled and can be washed in a dishwasher

Bora Basic

With a powerful hob and extractor, the BORA Basic is a system of uncompromising functionality and durability, created using the highest quality materials and with easy-to-operate power electronics.

Bora Classic

Bora Classic

The award-winning BORA Classic product range redefines ergonomics and efficiency. Each unit is quipped with smart touch controls, effective cooktop extractor, and six attractive surface or flush mounted hobs with matching original accessories.

Bora Professional

Functionality meets design. The BORA Professional cooktop extractor system boasts the largest selection of the most powerful and extra deep cooktops, (Induction, Gas and Teppanyaki) combined with the famous BORA extractor. The robust design is enhanced by rotary knobs made from the highest quality stainless steel.

Bora Professional Pkas 2X Pkfi Evergreen

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